Hungarian Infant Massage Association

The Hungarian Infant Massage Association has been founded in March 26th, 2004, as the Hungarian Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage-IAIM.

Hungarian Infant Massage Association is the free association of the infant massage instructors established in order to realize its primary objective the propagation, teaching and support of infant massage activity in Hungary, thereby emphasizing the outstanding importance of this method in the healthy physical, mental and emotional upbringing of children. The Association in the course of its activity trains instructors who teaches to the parents and nurses to massage their babies and children. The Association came into being with 17 chapter members, for now the member's number achieved 110. With the continuous trainings we would like to increase the number of our Certified Infant Massage Instructors all over Hungary who can bring the infant massage technique to more and more families in Hungary, so thus they can support the creation of the affectionate relationship between parents and their children.

The benefits of infant massage:

The infant massage means for the baby more than sheer sensual pleasures or physical benefits. It can help to preserve their health and physical-spiritual well-being. It also helps to build parents' self-esteem, enhance mother's maternal feelings. Fathers can especially benefit from infant massage. Practicing the infant massage they receive an opportunity to get closer to the heart of their children and to deepen their attachment or "bonding" to their children. Thru the physical benefits infant massage improves skin condition, respiration circulation, lymph circulation, blood circulation, boosts immune system, helps digestion and the growth of sensory organs and muscular system.

  • Helps to release stress and tension, to relax, to relieve painful memories.
  • Babies who received massage are more resistant against sicknesses, are more well-balanced, and calmer. In their waking status their interest is more active, and they are more curious. They cries less, fall to sleep more easily, and the quality of their sleep increase. Their weight-gain and growth are more balanced.
  • Trough the skin and eye-contact, the touch, the understanding of baby's signals, the mutual respect and the feeling of happiness deepens the bonding between parents and children.
  • Thanks to the benefit that massage stimulates production of oxytocin mothers can breastfeed longer their babies.

Infant massage has no negative effect. The affectionate massage is natural like the breast-feeding, the air or the water in the nature.

Where can you learn infant massage?

Certified Infant Massage Instructors regularly set up trainings (5 days in 5 weeks) for parents to learn the method of infant massage.

English speaking Certified Infant Massage Instructors in Hungary:

Szilika-Iván Emőke: 00-36/70-365-68-74

Némethné Gregor Judit: 00-36/20-325-2901

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